Steam Deck Now Supports Xbox Game Pass and Cloud Gaming

Steam Deck Now Supports Xbox Game Pass — The long wait for Valve’s latest console release is finally over. They once again announced an interesting surprise for their users on this occasion. Continuing information about the cooperation between Valve and Microsoft, this time Steam Deck finally officially supports Xbox Game Pass and Cloud Gaming services. So, what will it be like?

Steam Deck Now Supports Xbox Game Pass

Launching on February 25th, Steam Deck has impressed gamers worldwide from the very beginning with its capabilities. This console is said to be able to play almost all PC games released via Steam. You can also run various emulators, including Nintendo Switch with a reasonably high FPS. Even more interesting, the console also has special services from Xbox.

Xbox Game Pass Steam Deck Version Will Come With Cloud Gaming Features

Through a report we got through the IGN media site, Valve officially announced its collaboration with Microsoft as the developer of the device. The project they are working on is none other than the presence of Xbox Game Pass and XCloud services on Steam Deck devices. With the Game Pass service, gamers can access hundreds of popular games at affordable prices for a long time.

Valve Still Not Interested in Creating an Xbox Game Pass Competitor Service

Microsoft has posted a tutorial article on the following page if each is confused about how it works. Last month, Valve’s CEO Gabe Newell said he “would love to work with “ to get the Xbox Game Pass service on Steam. We can conclude that Valve is not interested in creating a Game Pass competitor any time soon — Steam Deck Now Supports Xbox Game Pass.

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