Chapter 1043-We will die together

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Chapter 1043-We will die together

Chapter 1043: “We will die together”.

Chapter 1043-We will die together

Chapter 1043-We will die together

- Cover: “Oven arrives at Whole Cake Island.”

- Narrator: Kaido winner.

- The CP0 agent gets trampled.

- The CP0 agent has a farewell scene but you cannot tell he’s dead, although the scene implies he is.

- Kawamatsu asks the samurai to escape, there is no honor if you burn to death.

- Kaido arrives inside the castle and says that Luffy is dead. He also says that Momo has to give up.

- Kid and Law feel that Luffy lost and go to fight.

- Nami calls Kaido a snake and a liar. Kaido attacks Nami but Marco defends her.

- Kaido will fight until momo gives up.

- Nekomamushi and Carrot also go to fight.

- Momo wants to give up and not let anyone die but Yamato tells her no.

- Yamato: Let’s die together!

- Zunesha: I heard it, I heard that sound that I didn’t hear in 800 years

- Momo: what did you hear?

- Zunesha: the drums of liberation, there is no doubt, he is here
Momo: who??

- Zunesha: Joyboy… has come back!!!

- In a crazy panel, Luffy’s body melts and his Strawhat does as well, something happens to him (image below). The SFX bubble next to Luffy says “Nika!” にか!Nika means “grin” but the use of にか to replace the usual SFX for Luffy is really Oda hammering us in the face with the Luffy/Nika/sun/dawn parallel.

- The name of the fruit isn’t mentioned in the chapter.

- The comment of the editor is “That man Laughs in silent”

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