6 Facts about The Riddler, The Batman’s Enigmatic Enemy!

The Batman’s Enigmatic Enemy — I was intrigued by the character of The Riddler. Who can make Batman confused? Let’s look at six facts from the comic!

The Batman film, which aired in March 2022, immediately attracted the attention of many people because it was so slick; moreover, this film also featured a very famous villain named The Riddler. Edward Nygma’s enigmatic alter ego villain has terrorized Gotham City since he first appeared in Detective Comics issue #140 in 1948.

Developed by Batman co-creator Bill Finger with Dick Sprang, the Riddler is a figure who wears his iconic green outfit with lots of question marks. However, the new interpretation of the Riddler in The Batman has a very different look. Intrigued by the character of The Riddler, who can make Batman confused? Let’s look at six facts from the comic!

1. He Worked As a Courier Before Becoming The Riddler

The Batman’s Enigmatic Enemy

In the original interpretation of the character, Edward Nashton worked as a delivery man. But unfortunately, he gets bored quickly and believes his skills can be put to good use for theft. However, it didn’t even give him the satisfaction he craved and ended up inspiring him to become a villain with his unique costume.

Edward Nashton also changed his last name to Nygma, like the Nazi German war coder Enigma, to reflect his confusing personality. Thus, a mortal enemy named The Riddler was born.

2. Since childhood, he has been obsessed with puzzles

The Batman’s Enigmatic Enemy

Years before becoming The Riddler and having the last name Nygma, Edward Nashton was a child obsessed with knowing the answers to everything, even his questions, and riddles. His obsession was only continued by school activities that required each student to compose complex puzzles designed by his teacher.

Edward solved the complex puzzle in less than a minute because of his unbridled desire to be the top student on assignments. Edward’s academic success made him a target for bullies, which was one of the factors that led to Edward’s tendency to commit crimes.

3. Riddler Suffers From Various Mental Disorders

The Batman’s Enigmatic Enemy

The Riddler’s ruse to trap his victims with his puzzle game shows psychological traits beyond his control. Batman’s description of Edward Nygma to Catwoman as a fanatical narcissist with egocentrism and megalomania crossed with severe obsessive compulsions.

Batman’s assessment in the video game Batman: Arkham City refers to various mental disorders suffered by the Riddler. Due to his compulsive disorder, the Riddler cannot leave some riddles as clues to his presence when he participates in criminal acts. That’s always the clue that leads to Batman’s capture of this villain that the Riddler can’t avoid

4. Riddler Knows Batman’s Identity by Entering Lazarus Pit

The Batman’s Enigmatic Enemy

Edward Nygma’s utterly enigmatic mind has also prevented him from uncovering the secret of Batman’s true identity until he finds out by the unexpected. In the early 2000s arc Batman: Hush, a cancer-stricken Riddler enters the Lazarus Pit to prolong his life.

That gives the Riddler a moment that leads him to solve the mystery of Batman’s identity. He also tried to use the information to blackmail Bruce Wayne. Bruce then convinced Nygma that disclosing the information would only cost Nygma. Moreover, he was threatened by Bruce, who could report the illegal use of the Lazarus Pit to its owner, Ra’s Al Ghul.

5. The Riddler Used To Work With Batman As An Investigator

The Batman’s Enigmatic Enemy

How did one of Gotham City’s most dangerous criminal masterminds become a force for good? This character change stems from the Infinite Crisis storyline, where The Riddler wakes from a coma from a head injury that causes amnesia. The incident could make the Riddler forget most of the memories from his past, including Batman’s secret identity, and he ends up living his new life as a hired spy agent.

Riddler even helps Bruce Wayne prove his innocence in investigating a murder case. He even earned his trust as a collaborator until finally, somehow, Riddler returned to being an evil villain.

6. Riddlers Once Controlled Gotham With Citywide Power Outages

The Batman’s Enigmatic Enemy

The storyline of The New 52 makes Edward Nygma a trusted analyst working for Wayne Enterprises, at a time when Bruce Wayne is just starting his career as a crime-fighting Batman. Furthermore, The Riddler becomes Batman’s main enemy in this storyline.

In Scott Snyder’s reimagining of Batman’s origins called Zero Year, the Riddler takes over Gotham City with his power outage in his third act. Fortunately, Batman and Jim Gordon, and Lucius Fox managed to defeat Nygma and make him languish in Arkham Asylum.

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