5 Most Terrifying Psychopathic Female Themed Movies

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Most Terrifying Psychopathic — There are some of the terrifying female psychopathic films to watch! They are no less powerful than men.

The psychopath is one of the most popular horror films in the film industry. Psychopathic themes are usually not the same as most horror genres featuring ghosts. There is an element of a thriller with a plot that is sometimes unique if a filmmaker takes the theme of psychopathy.

Well, uniquely, not all psychopaths are described as male figures. Some female psychopaths are also very sadistic, brutal, and difficult to avoid by their victims. There are several terrifying female psychopathic films that you can watch for those who are curious.

The author has compiled the complete list for all of you! This is the review.

5. Gone Girl “Most Terrifying Psychopathic”

Most Terrifying Psychopathic

Amy Dunne is an antagonist in the film Gone Girl and the main character. She can make the audience mesmerized with her beauty, but on the other hand, Amy has dangerous behavior. Gone Girl is a unique film directed by David Fincher based on the bestselling novel by Gillian Flynn.

The story of Gone Girl tells of the disappearance of the figure of Amy, who is the wife of a man named Nick Dunne. On closer inspection, it turns out that Amy’s disappearance is justified, plus there is a lot of evidence that points to Amy being a dangerous figure.

Amy devised all these tricks to trap her husband from being hurt by his actions. Gone Girl has a super high quality that can win and be nominated for several awards.

4. Orphan “Most Terrifying Psychopathic”

Most Terrifying Psychopathic

Orphan is a psychopathic film with a unique theme. Yes, not talking about strong characters. Orphan makes children the main villains. Orphan tells about a child who a family adopts.

But in the end, this child was an adult whose growth had stalled, which gave him the body of a nine-year-old. He is a former patient in a mental hospital as well. There are so many horrible things that are presented to shake the audience’s psychology.

The story of this film is also difficult to predict and makes us wonder what will happen next in each scene.

3. Get Out! “Most Terrifying Psychopathic”

Most Terrifying Psychopathic

In 2017, we horror lovers were presented with a horror film with a unique style. Yes, Get Out! It is a horror film with a racist theme in the style of a modern horror film. In this film, the main villain is Rose Armitage.

Rose is a woman who tries to trick black people into coming to her house. Then he started doing bad things to them. Get Out! At first, it looks like an ordinary teen movie until finally entering the middle of the film, and we start to be presented with many tense scenes.

Despite being a horror film, Get Out! Only shows horror and blood openly in the final third of the film. Whereas previously we were only presented with ordinary scenes, it would make us less comfortable as spectators.

2. Misery “Most Terrifying Psychopathic”

Most Terrifying Psychopathic

Misery is a psychological horror film that can make us feel uncomfortable from start to finish. Misery tells the story of a woman named Annie Wilkes, a fan of a man named Paul Sheldon, a romantic novelist.

After Sheldon was in a near-fatal accident, breaking two of his legs and shoulders, Wilkes managed to lift him and take him to his secluded home, where he nursed him back under the pretext that Sheldon did ask for his help.

Despite being filled with kindness, Wilkes is a terrible person. Misery itself is considered one of the best psychological horror films ever presented, thanks to the excellent acting of Kathy Bates in playing Annie Wilkes.

1. Girl, Interrupted “Most Terrifying Psychopathic”

Most Terrifying Psychopathic

Girl, Interrupted is one of the legendary horror films featuring female psychopaths. This film tells the story of a woman admitted to a mental hospital for 18 months. Two women become the focus of the story, Susanna Kaysen and Lisa, making friends in a mental hospital.

This film can create extraordinary tension, especially the acting of Winona Ryder as Sussana and Angelina Jolie as Lisa makes this film even more classy in the end.

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